Maria Bongioannini, The first woman engineer to sign her own projects in Italy

After Emma Strada, Maria Bongioannini was the first woman to pursue freelance work, designing and constructing many buildings in the city and province of Turin.

Among other works, she is responsible for the transformation of the buildings located between Via Frejus, Via Cesana, Via Moretta and Via Revello in the San Paolo area of Turin, owned by Diatto Automobili.

She designed and built numerous architectural works both in Turin and in Piedmont. She designed private homes, schools and industrial buildings. She also worked on extensions of existing structures, including the extension of a building at the Amedeo di Savoia hospital in Turin for use as administrative offices.

Maria Bongioannini was the first to work alone as a freelancer, setting a unique precedent and contributing significantly to dismantling systemic efforts to make women and their projects invisible.