Anna Enrichetta Amour, the first woman engineer in Italy to create an international career support network for women engineers and architects

Anna Enrichetta Amour was the first woman engineer to lay the foundations for an international support network for women engineers and architects.

In 1934, after graduating, she attended the Free Course in Steel Construction and went to work for SIP – Società Idroelettrica Piemonte (Piedmont Hydroelectric Company), gaining an engineering apprenticeship.

Her career path was enriched by an experience in the United States, where she obtained a Master’s Ddegree in Industrial Engineering at Columbia University in 1953, establishing relations with women’s associations such as WES (Women Engineers and Scientists).

Upon returning to Italy, SIP entrusted her with the editorship of the magazine “’Rassegna Tecnica dell’Energia Elettrica”’.

Aware of the challenges faced by women in the world of work, Amour founded the AIDIA – Associazione Italiana Donne Ingegneri e Architetti (Italian Association of Women Engineers and Architects) with Emma Strada, serving as national secretary and promoting the association’s activities abroad.

Anna Enrichetta Amour dedicated her life to creating a support, mentoring and networking system for women professionals, promoting cultural exchanges also at international level.

This network that she founded has contributed greatly to the growth and advancement of women’s careers, both for her own and subsequent generations, by breaking down barriers and supporting gender equality.