Ada Bursi, first woman to register with the Order of Architects of the Province of Turin

Having graduated from the Regio Politecnico di Torino with a degree in Architecture, Ada Bursi was the first woman to register with the Order of Architects of the Province of Turin in 1940.

During the 1930s and ’40s, Bursi held significant roles as Temporary Extraordinary assistant at the Faculty of Architecture in Turin, contributing to the academic world.

In 1945, Ada Bursi was the only woman to be part of the ‘Giuseppe Pagano’ group of Modern Architects from Turin.

She was engaged the following year, with Amedeo Albertini and Gino Becker, as a furniture designer for an exhibition promoted by Associazione Pro Cultura Femminile. The design of modular furniture in preparation for mass production was intended to contribute to a new lifestyle in the home and new freedom for women.

Her career path took her to Milan as assistant to Giovanni Muzio and then to a job at the Engineering Department of the City of Turin, where she stayed for over three decades.

Here she designed residential and school buildings and made an active contribution to the growth of the city in the 1970s, with the restoration of historic buildings and involvement in architectural competitions.

In her quest to contribute to women’s emancipation, she joined the association AIDIA – Associazione Italiana Donne Ingegneri e Architetti (Italian Association of Women Engineers and Architects), helping to expand the potential of women’s professional support networks.

Her commitment and innovative vision are evident in the design of school environments created with the wellbeing of their users in mind, showing that diversity in the professional world is a source of excellence and progress.

Ada Bursi continues to be an example of determination and talent, having paved the way for women in architecture and engineering.